Black, White, Pink

A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of months. Needless to say the stress of making things work for both families is taking a toll on the two lovebirds. Add to it the fact that they’re currently staying on different continents, and we have a perfect recipe for misunderstandings! So after she said to me that for the first time since they started seeing each other, her to be husband had broken up with her and she wasn’t certain whether things were gonna work out, I smilingly reassured her that it was gonna be ok. Coz who hasn’t been squeezed by the pre-wedding pressure monster?! But thankfully, love has larger teeth! Between the two of them, she is the drama queen. But this time, the roles had reversed. Understandably, when our heart is tired and our mind has exhausted itself trying to cope with a distressing situation, we tend to oversimplify things with the hope that the pain will reduce. We want to eliminate the source of stress and we think that shutting doors, or removing ourselves from certain situations will help us achieve that..but how wrong are we. Coz nothing in life is ever only black and white.

Nothing is actually as bad as it may seem just after disaster strikes, things look better the following morning. They have to coz time puts distance between you and the problem and that helps get you get a better perspective. When you’re drowning in negative emotions, you can’t tell head from tail. An emotionally charged state is the worst state to take decisions in, coz feelings pass. And the greys start to appear, they mellow down the darkness of the black and dilute the purity of the white..but they help us see things for the way they can be, rather than the way we ‘imagine’ them to be.

Especially where love is involved, there are no defining boundaries of what is right or wrong. Your capacity to take something vs anyone else’s, or their perception of the ‘truth’ vs your reality..they’re all grey areas!

So the next time you’re tempted to destroy something you put love into building, don’t see just black and white, breathe, wait for a day and then choose pink. (Well, grey isn’t all that romantic, is it?!;) )


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