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Do we become more accommodating with age or the exact opposite of it? Does the maturity we supposedly gain make us calmer and more adjusting or does the wisdom we gain from our experiences, especially the bad ones, make us more firm in our beliefs and principles?

Do couples mould themselves around each other with time in a way that is both flexible and rigid, like… one remains adamant about something and the other just gives up after years of fighting, and the roles reverse in other situations…or in some cases the roles never reverse?
Is that how marriages work? how DO marriages that seem to last forever, work?

Does the willingness to make something work actually give birth to ability? And if the need to make it work is missing, is complacence the norm?
Are we supposed to turn a blind eye to our partner’s shortcomings even if they bother us? Or is it our duty as a spouse to help them see that certain unpleasant or pain-causing characteristics or habits can be changed and we would like to help change them? Is this responsibility a given?

In a much larger picture, like really macro…do things ever really change?
Or does history keep repeating itself like it’s on a loop?

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