Invisible love

Think about it, in any given situation we can never know the entire truth. Coz what we know is only our perception of the situation. Our response to a situation is our reality…but it is only ours, just the way the other person’s perspective is real for them.

so then what is real?

If someone loves you and yet you don’t feel loved…is their love real? If you do what it takes and yet you’re left with nothing…what is real? what you did or what you’re left with?

Either way..the truth is that you can make magic with nothing. If you believe, it shall be.



5 thoughts on “Invisible love

  1. It seems a lot of people get disappointed because they are not loved the way they want to be. Sometimes the answer is to let someone love the way they do instead of the way we want them to. Other times the answer is to simply walk away.

  2. It’s all to do with perspective. Sometimes you may love someone a lot, but if they don’t know what love is (or don’t love themselves) they will never feel it.

  3. Their loss eh? 😉 kidding! but seriously, true that they’ll never feel it. And so it’s best to not bang one’s head against the wall over and over again 🙂

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