Choose to surrender

You know those people who just believe that everything will be alright? My sister is one of them, not a religious fanatic, just a believer. She says she just knows that even when things get really bad, she will be fine…and she is fine! Years ago, I used to wonder how she did that. How could she just surrender to God or ‘destiny’ ..something she couldn’t see or had no proof of?! Then when I was going through my divorce I experienced a bit of it. I began believing a little more that there was something beyond me that didn’t need me to push so hard all the time. Although, the so called logical part of me still kept at it, you know, struggling to make things work.

But then a few days ago, I was faced with a dilemma. Something amazing happened to me, but it also brought something equally difficult to handle. And as I was struggling with making that choice, it happened…I surrendered. Unlike before when I surrendered only because there was no other choice, this time I surrendered willfully. I released all my troubles to the superpower above. I believed that I would be taken care of and even if what I wanted wasn’t happening, in the end, I would have everything I needed. I felt at peace like never before. The problem I was facing wasn’t gonna go away, but now I had patience to work through it. And since this happened, I haven’t stopped giving thanks for all my blessings, coz suddenly my focus has shifted from what’s lacking to the goodness that abounds! I am now sounding like one of those people I wondered about, and it’s strangely awesome!

It’s a magical feeling…this faith. It changes things..people…circumstances.

Indescribable how peaceful it is when you just let go without questioning…when you choose to surrender. I’ve discovered faith, and I’m hooked 😉


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