The thing about unconditional love

image credit flickr use +mara

The toughest part of loving someone is acceptance of the self.

I’ve always believed that acceptance is half the battle won! But sometimes even that part is tricky. When we love someone, we believe that the issues we have with them are coz of the way they are. When the truth is that it’s not ‘them’ we are struggling to accept, it is our response to them. It is ourselves that we want to accept. And there lies the biggest fight. If we accept ourselves completely, accepting others and loving unconditionally seems to come naturally. We choose to stay with someone coz of the way they make us feel, coz of what they bring out in us. But that happens only coz we allow it. So the next time you catch yourself responding in a way that you don’t like, find out which part of you is struggling to be accepted. If it is something you find unacceptable, you will know what you need to change. Coz the truth is…you are the only one you can change. And once you’ve made that change, unconditional acceptance and love will follow!

Life gives us a million opportunities to love unconditionally, but it begins only with the self.

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