Love vs Marriage 6

How badly did you wanna learn everything about your partner when you were falling in love with them?


We wanted to find out about their favorite book or movie, so we could gift them a copy. We wanted to surprise them, make them go ‘awww’ 😀 Love made us curious, and keen.

Cut to today, years later, we’ve become complacent as we assume that we know our partner well. We’ve become ignorant…towards what they are really like, and we don’t find a need to correct our image of them. We’ve settled into this groove of, “Why bother..they’re not gonna do it anyway”
When we’re in the dark about something, and no one wants to turn on the light, it’s inevitable that we will step on each other’s toes eventually!

Our ignorance may be our bliss, but it can be someone else’s pain.

Let love turn on the light in your marriage




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