A steak satellite (dedicated to Lisa Arends)

‘Beef steak grilled to choice with sauteed mushrooms and tons of cheese, served with fries and veggies, sizzling on a hot iron platter’
Years ago, this description would have sufficed to send my taste buds into hyper drive, but now things are different.

I just read a book called ‘Lessons from the end of a marriage by a blogger I follow, Lisa Arends. Lisa was married for 16 years to the guy she grew up with and he ended their marriage in a text message! In her book’s Lesson 13: Layering isn’t just for sweaters,  where Lisa is trying to make peace with the tormenting presence of her husband’s memories, Lisa says, “It was a surreal time. The ghost of Timothy accompanied me on every outing. He was always there, yet said nothing. He hid at the grocery store, taunting me from behind his favorite brand of sparkling water. He joined me for dinner when my companion ordered his favorite beer….”  I am going through that now, I guess all of us who are forced to accept a reality that we never imagined go through this.

So last night, to make peace with the fact that the good times with J will hound me for some time at least, I decided to accept it and do everything we did together anyway! I will eat our favorite foods, visit the places we loved, do everything that reminds me of him..do it alone or with someone who cares, but so long as I am in this city where my marriage was alive, I will live.
And I guess we need someone like Lisa to remind us that it can be done.

Steak satellite Sizzler, Beam me up Scotty!

Thank you Lisa, your “lessons from the end of a marriage” is a gift! And I’m sure it’s gonna help so many beautiful women to live the life they deserve! I am looking forward to expressing my gratitude to you on amazon too 😀 hugs!

And yes, the steak was juicy, tender and oh so delicious! 😉


3 thoughts on “A steak satellite (dedicated to Lisa Arends)

    1. well, although I remember reading that you are a vegetarian,”a dinner dedicated to Lisa” sounded kinda dull 😛 and also…it’s the joy i had eating that steak that i dedicate to you 😀 so it’s really the ‘thought’ that counts!
      And thanks again for inspiring me! hugs

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