David Kanigan’s straightforward article about the ever recurring problem of ‘weightloss’ is an eye opener! 🙂 Thanks David for sharing excerpts from Craig Harper’s blog post as well!

Live & Learn

nutrition factsAfter another weekend of gorging, this blogger’s posts hit home.  A few choice excerpts from Craig Harper’s top 15: Nutrition for Dummies.

3)If it comes in an exciting range of fluorescent colours, don’t eat it.
4)Nobody accidentally eats cake. Own your choices and your behaviours.
6)Calories consumed in secret count. Your friends might not know but your arse will.
7)If dieting was an effective way to lose weight permanently, nobody would ever diet twice.
8)Don’t confuse ‘what your head wants’ with what your body needs. Your mind is a lying b*tch.
10)If you haven’t had a poo since June, maybe cut back on the processed food. And try a little fibre. Just saying.


Then he follows up with another solid post titled: Your Body: One Year From Today – A Question of Change.  A few excerpts:

“…If you’re serious about changing…

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