A trip to the subconscious

I sat to meditate last night after a ..kinda upsetting experience at work (someone was refusing to sign a voucher for the work I did, and acting as if it was wrong for me to ask to be paid for the work I had already done!) And as I was calming my mind, my inner voice/ higher self/ voice in my head (whatever it’s called!) woke up, and this is how our conversation went…

Me: Why can’t people be fair?! Oh, let go.. damn it! Breeeeeeathe
Voice: Does it matter?
Me:    Does it look like it matters?
Voice: Does it matter if it only looks like it matters?


Me: What?!
Me: matter to whom?
Voice: to you, does it matter if it matters to anyone else?!

Me…Big smile 🙂 True! Thank you!


I believe it was my subconscious talking 😛 it’s so much smarter than the conscious, right?!

  • pic credit http://acryforhelprescue.webs.com/

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