Beauty in words

I had a phone conversation with my to-be-ex-husband yday, ‘a phone conversation’! Yea, we hadn’t been talking… so yday after hearing his voice which surprisingly sounded like it did years ago (unlike the zombie he had become of late) and deciding that we would meet today (more about that later), obviously, sleep took the first flight out of my head!
So I woke up this morning after having done what didn’t qualify as “inactivity of voluntary muscles” or any kind of rest really, my head felt like it was jumping on a trampoline in the mosh pit at a Black Sabbath concert…my eyes…throbbing…like they were struggling to keep my brain from popping out of my skull, I had to slide into my chair very slowly to make sure that didn’t happen! Cocking my head to one side and shushing my thumping heart with one hand, I wondered how today was gonna turn out ! As I read the ‘comments’ on my blog, I came across something wonderful… a new friend Merlienspielen had nominated me for the beautiful blogger award 😀
I read it again. And suddenly, like a classroom full of noisy kids in a convent that quickly settle down when the Dean walks in, my insides quietened! My eyes, my heart, my spleen, my medulla oblongata..we all were staring at the screen wondering…there’s beauty in what this chica writes?!
And the muscles in my cheeks couldn’t help but stretch, and I believe they’ll keep stretching all day long! 🙂 thanks Merlienspielen for making my day! It felt nice to be complimented especially coz I had been feeling like an island of late. Thank for this…

And now to nominate 5 more beautiful bloggers…honestly I’m a little uncomfortable doing this coz I ain’t no expert to judge someone’s words! But I nominate these bloggers coz their words will always stay with me 🙂

Blinks of Bliss– A simple reminder of the truth that life is more than just living, it’s a series of blissful moments!

Something new for today–  A young malasyian girl living in London, with a wonderful perspective towards life

Lauren–  Lauren, a single Mom, is a wonderfully inspiring woman, a phoenix!

Torbs Lindgern– loads of courage sprinkled with madness, his 10 year old girl and 3 year old dog and yea, ‘suckerpunches’!

Doris– She’s like a one woman reddit! A collector of sorts.

Of course, 5 isn’t big enough a number to nominate for this award.
(Secretly, I hope I get to do more of this in the future!) teeheehee! 😉


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